Bring your criteria

Create your own scoring metric with our simple user interface adding your criteria, questions, and supporting resources such as files, images, graphs, and videos. Include conditional, nested, or grouped questions into distinct sets of criteria with incredible flexibility and opportunities for customization.

Rating Scores

Attribute points to questions to create an up-to-date status result in an easy-to-read summary ‘scorecard’. Scorecards auto-generate a snapshot in time with an overall score and suggested next steps, which can be sent via branded, html, email while retaining a copy for your records and review. Successful rating projects can be highlighted in a directory of projects or businesses.

User Registration & Project Collaboration

When a user registers their project or business, it creates a profile that will hold the history of their progress through a rating system. By collecting the important details up front, the site can support project-specific data and reporting needs. In addition, this user is attributed manager status of the profile and can invite other members of their team to collaborate and efficiently score their project.

Rapid Prototyping

Get started quickly on a powerful support platform, tested in the field on a number of similar rating system projects. Fast prototyping of your rating system to test proof of concept and to avoid involved development from scratch before testing your criteria in the field. Include usability testing of your rating system to seek actual user feedback during development.

Version Control

You control your rating system criteria and its various versions in our user-friendly, yet powerful platform. Create a snapshot in time of a rating system application or scorecard produced on demand and sent via branded, html email to project team. This includes “fluid versioning” to allow for reuse of questions from a previous criteria version to fine tune your criteria up until final project submission.