The effectiveness of your website is measured on three key metrics: is it relevant, is it current, and is it easy to navigate. Before your project begins, whether a new website or application or a redesign, Webkey synthesizes your unique value statement, priorities, marketing materials, site analytics, industry, competitors, user cases, and platform options into a cohesive assessment report with strategic recommendations.

The Problem

  1. Without a baseline website inventory, progress is difficult to measure
  2. Wealth of analytical statistics is difficult to decipher and make actionable
  3. Incomplete understanding of target user groups and their unique perspectives
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Discovery is the most important part of the process.

We listen, to you and to your users. For two decades the success of our firm is predicated on listening to our clients and their customers, and then building custom websites and applications to serve their needs. 

Our Approach

  • Client needs assessment summary
  • Comparison of select platform specifications
  • Content development plan and timeline
  • Preferred solution recommendation

For best results, we request your unique value statement, a copy of current website stats and/or analytics, existing style guide and/or a digitized copy of any relevant marketing collateral, and the identification of your top three competitors. This background provides a baseline on which we build the assessment report.

Through a comprehensive questionnaire or interview with you and your team, we set your priorities, identify issues, opportunities, and risks. We investigate your current technology platform and needs to compare to other possibilities. Webkey supports many platforms and is committed to proposing the best fit for your needs.

The product is a comprehensive assessment report with high-level executive summary, followed by detailed analysis and prioritized strategic recommendations for action — your roadmap.

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Migrating Paperwork Processes to Online Efficiencies

The consideration of offline administrative workflows, and how these can be managed online, Webkey helped the Ostara Group compare which combination of platforms would delivery the efficiency that their growing team of consultants demanded.

Making the Data Understandable

Every interaction on a website is tracked and tabulated and the wealth of this information is not easily accessible to decision-makers. Webkey synthesizes this information for your team, according to your stated priorities, so you can implement strategic changes and measure the success of each change.

Establishing a Baseline for Improvement

For one client, it was important to know just how poorly their current website was performing before beginning an extensive rebuild project. By juxtaposing the analysis of their website’s performance (the numbers) with concurrent usability testing with actual users (the narrative), Webkey synthesized these inputs into a user-friendly baseline for action and evaluation.

One Website to Serve All Users

As is typical of most websites, diverse user groups have particular needs for information. Crafting one website to serve each divergent need adequately was important to our client Theia Technologies, who manufactures and sells high performance lenses to a broad spectrum of industries. Including representatives from those key industries in the usability testing allowed us to discover how best to serve each.

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