Golden gate bridge

Custom integrations bring your applications together.

You keep the ability to use the purpose-built applications that you need while taking advantage of automatic synchronization between them. This means more streamlined and manageable business processes, better scalability, and increased performance.

The Benefits:

  • Reduce overhead of administrative time
  • Improve the efficiency of daily operations
  • Access critical information where it's needed

We approach your project ready to learn

We have been helping our clients and ourselves take advantage of cloud-based infrastructure and application integrations for over a decade. We do not have a specific off-the-shelf solution we are selling, but rather bring a large toolbox of approaches to custom tailor an appropriate solution for the problem at hand.

Our Approach:

  1. Assessment of existing processes and potential
  2. Outline of data architecture and proposed flows
  3. In-house development of custom multi-direction syncing
  4. If needed, additional processing of regular bulk data uploads

We dive deep into our assessment to understand your business and unique processes, something that takes attention to detail and the ability to learn about new industries. We have proven our ability to do this on many projects, and this is the core value of our service.

Our collaboration with you and your team is iterative and further refined throughout development, beta and usability testing, launch, and post-launch assessment. We remain available to you during the process and afterward.

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Learning Management System & Custom Content Management System

By adding an LMS to their website, Greenroads was able to expand its offerings to include professional certifications. We allowed users to remain signed into their current accounts when accessing a completely separate application and allowed classes to be purchased in an existing e-commerce system and altering permissions in the LMS to match.

US Census Data & Custom Sample Data

Our client formerly looked up county by county the data they needed from the US Census, and then combined it to create their sample data requirements. We automated that by simply allowing them to enter in which counties they needed, combining that with their existing data requirements and producing a custom-tailored result that they could use right away. This has now saved hours of work over years without fail.

Desktop Application & Public Website

Webkey designed and built a system that allows the St Joseph Parish church to register parishioners online and synchronize their data with the Archdiocese's database, as well as supporting a custom calendar integration for their events with the ability to sell tickets and register attendees.

Time Tracking & Invoicing

For a company that had all its hourly employees logging their time in their project management software and then manually transferring those hours over to their invoicing software, we created a real-time synchronization script that brings over hours as soon as they are entered, and updates them with any corrections immediately. This not only reduced end of month bookkeeping but provided immediate business intelligence data throughout the month.

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