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Reach Everyone

Providing an accessible website means reaching all of your users and potential clients in a format that they can use. For some businesses, like those interacting with the federal government or receiving federal funds, and potentially private businesses that have online job listings, accessibility is a requirement. Beyond the legal requirements and business prospects, having a website that reaches out to everyone speaks well about your values and keeps your users loyal. 

Accessible sites:

  • Are fast, mobile-optimized, and perform well with search engines
  • Retain and attract users of all abilities
  • Position your website at the top of the industry

Take Advantage of Potential Tax Benefits

Those with fewer than 30 employees and less than one million in annual revenues may be eligible for a tax credit, under section 44 of the IRS Code, which says businesses may “claim a tax credit for 50% of eligible access expenditures in a year, up to a maximum expenditure of $10,250.” We recommend you talk with your tax advisor, and review the information on this fact sheet

How Webkey Can Help

We have a strong background in both audits and ground-up solutions alongside our continuing education and attention to all aspects of accessibility. This means that we can help you confidently provide high-quality resources for all of your users.

  1. We assess the current state of your website and online media resources, using screen readers and online evaluation tools.
  2. Perform updates or design your new website with these critical considerations
  3. Provide accessibility services for non-compliant PDFs, and refer options for closed captioning or audio transcription. 

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Comprehensive Interactivity for the Federal Highways Administration

To assist project managers in learning about and evaluating project-specific sustainability goals, we completed an extensive audit and created a website that meets AAA standards in design and functionality.

Adding Accessibility Features to Existing Site

To assist a Fair Housing organization with meeting accessibility standards, Webkey overhauled the site’s navigation and structure, as well as adding a high-contrast mode in order to retain brand consistency while still providing an ideal experience for any sight-impaired users.

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